Spanish 1 Here is a link to some online practice for your pips on AR conjugation and for prepositions of location. 

Spanish 1 & 1B Here is a link for our town and free time vocabulary. This is free for you to sign up and you can use this link to practice and play games:

Here is a link for more vocabulary practice for free time activities and places

Spanish 1B Here is a link to practice food vocab in case you need to pip.

Spanish 2  This is free to you and you can use this link to practice and play games.

Travel Jeopardy game:

All Spanish classes I have sent emails to your school accounts with directions for activating your Senor Wooly account so you can work on your Spanish (not mandatory or graded) in a fun way over the upcoming weeks. I have assigned you a video and that you do and some interactive activities that go with it but this is NOT graded, it's just fun! If you didn't get the email please let me know and I will email you the activation code.

I have also sent you an email with a directions on how to join Edmodo for free. This is the main online learning platform we will be using. We will use this for assignments with feedback given and pips/retakes.