Spanish 1/1b: Please make sure you have your notes on lugares and tiempo libre as well as the conjugation of the verb "ir". You can reference the videos from last week on the Spanish 1 calendar for April 15 to review and go over the concepts. We will continue working with these this week. 

*First on the calendar on April 22 watch my home made video of "simple future"*

1.Edmodo work-
A. Some of us struggled with the conjugation of "ir" (yo voy, tu vas etc.) so there is another Edmodo practice activity on there for you. I also have it labeled "quiz" so you can get your feedback directly. I still look at what you wrote. 
B. Do the reading places practice on Edmodo. It is also ungraded and is just practice. 
C. Do the listening places #2 activity on Edmodo. 
D. Do the "En el verano" writing activity. 
2. Flipgrid
A. You will make a short flipgrid video in Spanish about your plans after quarantine is over. Go to: 
3. Senor Wooly 
A. Finish the next set of nuggets for "Adonde vas". 

Spanish 2
***Go to the class calendar and watch the videos I posted on today's date to review preterit*** Also, I am not sure if the video I made last week actually was posted where I go over and review town vocab so I will repost that on the calendar for April 15th***

1.Conjuguemos work
A. Go to to practice regular preterit verbs. You can play the games and do flashcards. Then do the graded practice and send me an email or a screen shot with your score. You can also download it and print it if you'd like. 
2.Online verb practice (You will need to make sure you have Adobe Flash)
A. go to     and practice the regular preterit form. 
B. To practice vocab

3. Flipgrid
A. Make a short video in the past about 7 places that you have been and what you did there in the preterit in Spanish. Go to
4.Edmodo work
A.Do the Listening "el fin de semana pasado" video. 
B. Do the "vacation reading" and questions quiz. 
C. Do the preterit "quiz". 
5. Senor Wooly
A.Finish the nuggets for Billy la Bufanda.