Ms. Graham

 Week of 5/4/2020:

 Prince William County Schools will be moving to a new virtual learning system called Canvas. You can find everything you need to be a successful Parkside Panther there!

Here's how it works...Check your email for pairing codes!

1. When it is time to do school work, you will head to (Links to an external site.) using Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. Make sure you are signed in with your full email address and your correct password.
2. Once you sign in you will click on the waffle. Silly name isn't it? It looks like this Waffle
3. Then click on the Canvas button. It looks like this Waffle. You will find all your classes in one place! Cool, huh?
4. To do work for a specific class, make sure you click on Dashboard. It looks like this Dashboard.
5. Then, find our class. It will look like something like this  or this Class Pic.PNG.
6. Next, click on Modules. It looks like this Modules.
7. Finally, take a look at this week's module. Always start with Overview/Presentation

As we continue this new way of teaching and learning, 
I look forward to continuing to educate, encourage and empower all of my students.  I will continue my commitment to your students of teaching  them how to overcome life’s challenges while focusing on setting  goals for  their  future.

  "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.” 
― Winston S. Churchill


Useful Links
: A few websites that can help you practice mastering learning targets.

Files and Documents: Previously taught standards with dates taught, as well as notes/powerpoints and resources 
        ** Because I teach Multiple Subjects, be sure to chose the Subject you are looking for  **           

Calendar:  see WHAT we learned WHEN we learned it (same calender for all subjects)

Homework: Every week I will add a review PowerPoint with questions, projects and resources.

UPDATE(3/23/2020): Ms. Kegley and I have finally created our Youtube channel: