Dear Students and Parents- Click on a link below if you want a visual aid to help with anything that we have taught this year. 

Desmos - is the online calculator that students have been using this year. 

math-aids-accommodations.docx - This is a guide from the Virginia Department of Education as to approved math aids that we use in class. Below you will find examples of the most common that you can use at home.

multiplication chart.png -This is an example of a multiplication chart that students can use to help them with multiplication and division up to 12.

integer-number-line.png - This is an example of a number line we used in class this year with an explanation of the line. 

Fraction Bars.png - Visual aid for fraction bars

Fraction Circles2.jpg-Visual aid for fractions when represented in circles

Integer Counters.jpg - Yellows are positive numbers and reds are for negative numbers. 

Long Division Template.docx - Helps with long division