Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

Parkside Middle School will begin a transition to Canvas, a student learning management system, beginning on Monday, May 4th.  Canvas will allow students to access each of their unique set of classes and find their course content in one location.  Canvas Student Apps can be downloaded by clicking the following links: download for Apple, download for Android Parent and student resources, as well as direct links to the Canvas webpage, can be found on the PWCS Instructional Technology page by clicking here While we at Parkside are excited about using Canvas, we understand that it will be a learning process for teachers, students, and families.  We are here to help and excited to learn and grow together! 



Parkside Middle School Staff  

3/23/20- **IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE** Weekly activities will be provided online.  Please see links to the left of this announcement and click on:

**"What we're doing" to see the weekly activities

** "Files and Documents" to download past Bell Ringers, Vocab Homework, Review sheets and PPT presentations taught in class**

** "Free Resources for Online Books" since we don't have access to public libraries right now, I have found a few resources to download ebooks FOR FREE!!!!!  Please click on this to check it out.  I will add more sites as I discover them.

** How to make up NHI work & PIP quizzes"-
PIPs have been loaded onto www.Naiku.net  I will be checking Naiku on Fridays to see if anyone has done a retake & will post in Student Vue.  Remember, if you haven't handed in the formative work associated with that quiz, I will not accept the grade until that work has been turned in.

** "Calendar" (can be found if you click on "Kathleen Powell" at the top of this screento see my calendar with Learning Targets and SOL standards taught every week & reviewed in upcoming weeks.  Details for websites activities will be provided weekly (starting 3/30).  For your convenience, class codes for particular websites will be provided on my calendar AND "What we're doing".

-Please feel welcome to do the Creative Writing prompts on my calendar, even if your child does not take my Creative Writing class.