Due to Prince William County Schools being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic,
there are many projects and activities that you can do at home to stay current.
Art is fun, relaxing and helps with stressful times. The Art Department at Parkside
is working together to prepare fun at home activities for students. Check the
Department webpage for projects and fun activities.

The Art Department web page can be found HERE.

Additional Art Activities can be found HERE.

Feel Free to check out each teachers site and calendar to see specific projects that you can do or catch up on.

Course Description

Sculpture - Students explore the visual art standards through the use of 3 dimensional design. Students will explore clay, paper, mixed media, among other types of sculpture.

Drawing- Students explore the visual art standards through drawing and coloring techniques in a 2 dimensional format. Students will explore pen and ink, pencil techniques, marker, crayon, oil pastel, and more.

Mixed Media - Students will explore the visual art standards through the use of mixed media. Students will learn how various types of media can make an impact on how artwork is perceived and understood in society.

Art - 
 This course will cover the basic foundations of art including: principles of design, elements of design, visual literacy, two-dimensional design and three-dimensional design. Artistic expression is explored through discipline-based art education (art production, art history, art aesthetics, and art criticism).