This year's yearbook will be brought to you by...
Abygale Paik
Alekhya Vadiala
Amanda Morris
Jolynn Centeno
Julissa Hernandez
Kaleb Betru
Madison Couper
Makaylee Haynes

Our first official meeting will be Tuesday, October 1st!

Yearbook Club

About Yearbook Club

I am absolutely thrilled to be the new sponsor of the Yearbook Club. I can't to begin working on the yearbook! I believe together, we can make this year's yearbook something students will cherish and hold onto for many years. I'm looking forward to working with and watching my students create the yearbook. I believe collaborating to create the yearbook is an accomplishment that students will be proud of for many years to come.  

Students will do so much more than walk around school snapping pictures. They will work together to create a detailed history of everything that happens at Parkside Middle School this year. Students will photograph events/people, write stories and captions, and create beautiful layouts for the yearbook.

This club requires members to be dedicated and reliable. Because we are taking on the daunting task of compiling the history of Parkside, students will be asked to consistently attend meetings and attend after-school events such as games and music performances. Please be sure that you have the time to commit to Yearbook Club before joining!