Poetry Club is moving online!!  
I have created a Poetry Club Team.  If you were a regular attender of our club, you have already been added (with a few exceptions - I didn't have current contact info for 4 students).  If you were not added and would like to be, please send me an email.  petersks@pwcs.edu
Social distance doesn't kill your creativity.  Keep writing.  Keep sharing.

​You do not need to sign up to attend poetry club.  Please come whenever you can.  We are a writing group.  You never have to share what you have written unless you want to.  Many of our members share every meeting, and many never do.

Each meeting includes time to share and time to write.  We often use writing challenges and collaboration to help grow our skills. Occasionally, we will review the works of other poets.  However, this is not a poetry study or poetry appreciation club.  We are poets and we spend the majority of our time writing.