Announcement: We're switching to Canvas!

Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

Parkside Middle School will begin a transition toCanvas, a student learning management system, beginning on Monday, May 4th.  Canvas will allow students to access each of their unique set of classes and find their course content in one location. Canvas Student Apps can be downloaded by clicking the following links: download for Appledownload for AndroidParent and student resources, as well as direct links to the Canvas webpage, can be found on the PWCS Instructional Technology page by clicking hereWhile we at Parkside are excited about using Canvas, we understand that it will be a learning process for teachers, students, and families.  We are here to help and excited to learn and grow together!



Parkside Middle School Staff 

Here is a helpful video to navigate Canvas:

Estimados estudiantes y padres / tutores,

La Escuela Parkside Middle comenzará una transición a Canvas, un sistema de gestión de aprendizaje estudiantil, a partir del lunes 4 de mayo. Canvas permitirá a los estudiantes acceder a cada una de sus clases  y encontrar el contenido de su curso en una ubicación. Las aplicaciones para estudiantes de Canvas se pueden descargar haciendo clic en los siguientes enlaces: descargar para Apple, descargar para Android. Los recursos para padres y estudiantes, así como los enlaces directos a la página web de Canvas, se pueden encontrar en la página de Tecnología Educativa de PWCS haciendo clic aquí. Si bien en Parkside estamos entusiasmados con el uso de Canvas, entendemos que será un proceso de aprendizaje para maestros, estudiantes y familias. ¡Estamos aquí para ayudar y emocionados de aprender y crecer juntos!


Personal de Parkside Middle School

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First off, I miss you all and I hope you are doing okay. Remember, I am here for you! Don't hesitate to reach out. 

On the left side, you will see "Files and Documents (*School closure tab is here!). If you click that that, and go to the school closure tab, you will find some helpful items. For example, each unit will have a document with review videos (all on YouTube) for each standard. In addition, there are numerous attachments such as helpful links for online activities. Also under file and documents, you will find material we've done this year, such as lessons, PowerPoints, and comic guides. So, you could review with those too! Everything and anything is found here.

Below "Files and Documents", you will see "School closure due to Coronavirus (blogs)."  This is something Mr. Evans showed us! I am going to write blog posts that include the material from above, so you can access everything in one place.  Also, this will allow you all to interact which I think would be cool. I will be posting daily blogs here, so make sure you check those out! We have also started nongraded assignments. This week's assignment is due on Friday. I will provided feedback once you submit. While these will not be graded, I highly encourage students to participate so they do not fall behind. These will also be a great review!

Image may contain: Kaylynne Alexandra, smiling, standing and indoorImage may contain: Kaylynne Alexandra, smiling, standing, outdoor and water

Welcome to 8th Grade Civics and Economics!!!

Class instagram: @misswattelet_civics
Class twitter: @miss_wattelet
Miss Kaylynne Wattelet
*I will not follow you back on social media! This is used for solely educational purposes* 

Hello! My name is Kaylynne Wattelet and I will be teaching 8th grade Civics and Economics. I recently graduated from Coastal Carolina University (Go Chants!) with a degree in Middle Level Education. With my degree, I am certified to teach Social Studies and English Language Arts for grades 5-8. Besides leaving for college, I have lived in Centreville my entire life. When I am not in school, I love to travel (especially to Ecuador) and visit new places. Also,I am a die-hard Cowboys fan! Go Cowboys :) I am super excited for this school year and my first year at Parkside Middle School! I believe communication is key, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

This year we will be covering content that is not only interesting but also relevant to you. Here is a quick overview: 

October: Elections
November/December: Constitutional Government
December/January: Branches of Government 
February: Judicial Branch (*where we are now*)
March-May: Economics

1" binder
4 dividers
Loose-leaf paper or one-subject spiral notebook
Writing Utensil

Please bring these supplies daily to class! As I mentioned in class, you may leave your binder in the designated bookshelf. 

~To access the class survival guide, which go overs class expectations/rules, please click "files and documents" to the left~

~"What's Happening This Week?" will briefly go over the upcoming week~ 

~Check the calendar on the left side for important dates!~