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Hello and welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!

Mr. Hundley’s Screencast Channel- Check this out for videos of weekly lessons and a review of the resources available to you!

STUDENTS: Check out the Canvas overview video Mrs. Morse made by clicking here

Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

Parkside Middle School will begin a transition to Canvas, a student learning management system, beginning on Monday, May 4th.  Canvas will allow students to access each of their unique set of classes and find their course content in one location. Canvas Student Apps can be downloaded by clicking the following links: download for Apple,download for AndroidParent and student resources, as well as direct links to the Canvas webpage, can be found on the PWCS Instructional Technology page by clicking hereWhile we at Parkside are excited about using Canvas, we understand that it will be a learning process for teachers, students, and families.  We are here to help and excited to learn and grow together!



Parkside Middle School Staff 

Estimados estudiantes y padres / tutores,

 La Escuela Parkside Middle comenzará una transición a Canvas, un sistema de gestión de aprendizaje estudiantil, a partir del lunes 4 de mayo. Canvas permitirá a los estudiantes acceder a cada una de sus clases  y encontrar el contenido de su curso en una ubicación. Las aplicaciones para estudiantes de Canvas se pueden descargar haciendo clic en los siguientes enlaces: descargar para Apple, descargar para Android. Los recursos para padres y estudiantes, así como los enlaces directos a la página web de Canvas, se pueden encontrar en la página de Tecnología Educativa de PWCS haciendo clic aquí. Si bien en Parkside estamos entusiasmados con el uso de Canvas, entendemos que será un proceso de aprendizaje para maestros, estudiantes y familias. ¡Estamos aquí para ayudar y emocionados de aprender y crecer juntos!


Personal de Parkside Middle School


8th Grade Language Arts Weekly Update (May 25th- May 29th): Finish Personal Narratives and Focusing on Nonfiction




Finish Personal Narratives

Several of you sent me a draft of personal narratives, but did not include your pre-writing, 1 grow, and 1 glow.  I need this additional information in order to provide you better feedback.  If you have not gotten feedback at this point, you need to check your email and get back to me.  I want to make sure you get credit for your efforts, so finish those other steps.  

All of you will be asked to complete a NoRedInk assignment on adding dialogue to your narratives, so make sure to check that out by going through Clever.  



Weekly Focus: Nonfiction

Follow these steps to complete this week's work!

  1. Watch a short video on Nonfiction Vocabulary (Links to an external site.)
  2. Complete the Fact, Opinion, Relevance, and Accuracy assignment (Links to an external site.)



8th Grade Language Arts Weekly Update (May 11th-May 15th):  Focusing on The Writing Process and Creating Personal Narratives   


Watch a visual/video of this week’s instructions 


The Writing Process  

  1. Brainstorming/Pre-writing: Think about what you want to write and begin to organize your ideas!  THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF THE PROCESS!
  2. Drafting: Create a rough draft of your essay.
  3. Revising: RE-READ YOUR DRAFT!  Make changes to your draft by adding details and removing ideas that are off topic.
  4. Editing: RE-READ YOUR DRAFT AGAIN! Fix things that you did wrong. Spelling, grammar, punctuation are all examples of things you fix when you’re editing your paper.
  5. Publishing: Share your work!


Weekly Focus: Creating Personal Narratives 

We are going to focus on steps 1-3 of the writing process this week by writing personal narratives.  It will be important that you follow the process in order, PLEASE DO NOT SKIP STEPS!

1. Watch:A Presentation on Personal Narratives to get started 

2. Brainstorming/Pre-Writing: Create a plot chart or list of the plot elements to make sure you include all parts of your story for your pre-write make sure you jot down notes, draw pictures, or put thoughts into each section.  Keep in mind you will turn this in.  The elements of plot you need to include in your pre-write are: 
- Exposition: character description, setting description, background information 
- Initiating Event (Central Conflict) 
- Rising Action 
- Climax 
- Falling Action 
- Resolution

Feel free to get creative with your pre-write!  Turn each part of the plot into a comic square, create a plot chart, record yourself telling the story and then watch/listen to the video and fill out each section of plot.

3. Drafting: Using your pre-write, create a rough draft of your personal narrative.  If possible, do this on Word in your Office365.

4. Share/RevisingYou will send a copy of your draft and pre-writing to me via e-mail or you can share the document through Office365.  When you share you need to tell me:

                          1 glow- an area of your personal narrative that you like 

                          1 grow- an area of your personal narrative that you feel needs work

5. I will give some suggestions and send you feedback by Sunday, May 17th so that you can complete steps 4 and 5!




  • I am excited to join the 8th Grade Language Arts team at Parkside Middle School.  This is my first year at Parkside and my 11th year teaching.  I was previously a basketball coach and teacher in Fauquier County.  I taught at both the elementary and high school level as a special education teacher and 9th-12th grade English teacher.  My wife Brittany is also a teacher and we have two sons, Eli (age 7) and Dax (age 2). 

If you ever need anything at all please feel free to contact me!

E-Mail: (best form of communication)
Phone: 703-361-3106
Twitter: @MrAHundley