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Last week of April!
1.  This weeks assignment is pretty cool.  You are going to imagine that the world has ended, picture Nuclear weapons, or at this point COVID-19. And your job is to rebuild society based on the economic concepts we learned prior to school closing.
2.  Look in my documents folder (4/27 to 5/1) for the 3 documents - I also emailed to you and your parents.
3.  I will collect everything whenever you want to turn it in but PLEASE try to turn it in by Tuesday MAY 5th.
4.  Next week we move into Review - we will start with Citizenship

Week of 4/20 to 4/24
Hey guys!

Moving into week 3 of our distant learning I have a few reminders for everyone.

1.  3rd Quarter ends on Friday (4/24) - If you want to PIP or turn something in, you have until then.

2.  Go to this link: Watch it - it's actually really cool - it shows how a Tshirt is made from start to finish

3. Go to my Youtube page and review the economic vocabulary

4.  Pick one of the 3 activities on my documents page - Create a food cart, come up with a plan for prom, or design a tshirt - submit to me!!

Please refer to my calendar, files and documents, and what's happening this week to get an idea of what we are doing in class from home.

Welcome to my class page!
@MrHixson_Civics - Twitter + Instagram
I use instagram to post notes, graphic organizers, and video lessons
I will not follow you back, but everything that I think you will need to be successful is  posted here


    I am excited to be returning to Parkside MS for my 6th grade year.  Throughout the year students will be learning about our government and will eventually finish off with Economics.  This year will be very different from previous years where you learned about history.  In Civics and Economics we will not only be learning about facts but also how to apply them.  My hope is that every student that enters my classroom will leave with a greater understanding on how our government works.  My ultimate goal is to mold students into educated citizens that better understand how to participate in our democracy and become productive members of society.

Files and lessons covered or used in class will always be uploaded into the files and documents tab on the left side of my page.

What we will be learning this year:

September  -  Citizenship Unit (Standard CE.3)

October      -  Elections Unit  (Standard CE.5)

Nov/Dec     -  Constitution    (Standard CE.2)

Dec/Jan     -  Legislative and Executive Branch (Standard CE.6/7/8)

February    -  Judicial Branch  (Standard CE.9)

Mar/Apr     -  Economics (Standard CE.11/12/13)

May           - Review and SOL

Supply List:

The Supplies that will be used in my class were already included in the 8th grade list provided over the summer.  If a student does not have a divider or other supply I will try my best to find a way to help those students.

  1. One 1" binder, if a student uses one binder for all of their classes that can work

  2. 4 Dividers for our units and notes

  3. Colored pencils and glue sticks, I have plenty of both just in case

  4. Loose Leaf paper, about 100 sheets should do it or One regular notebook

Class Rules:

     I have fallen in love with teaching Civics and our government to the many students who have passed through my classroom.  I am looking forward to teaching every student about the purpose of our government and their role in the future of our Democracy.  In order for students to be successful I believe that students should be held to high expectations.  Together we will work towards becoming democratic citizens and the future leaders of our nation.

     Classroom rules are a way for all students to have a safe learning environment free from distraction with opportunities for personal growth.  There is no growth without mistakes and all of us spend our lives growing, sometimes we stumble but we must pick ourselves up and continue on.

1.You are responsible for bringing all materials to class
2.Disruptive talking and socializing is not permitted
   - All assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time
4.Use of class time
- I will give you more than enough time to complete assignments during a given class period.
 - Work will be collected after a sufficient amount of time has been given.  Work diligently in order to finish all assignments
5.Late to Class:
- You have 3 minutes to reach my class
- After your 3
rd tardy I will assign a lunch detention, more than that will result in after school detention
6.Retests:  PIP's
- Exams can be made up if you score poorly one time. 
- We will review any necessary material so that you are able to master the information but you will also need to study independently as well
- All retests will different than the original test