The last week? It came so quickly. The activities are the same for all of my classes. 
   1. Write an essay about the many changes you have experienced this year. You became a middle school student. The world is facing a pandemic. There have been many protests throughout the past couple of weeks. There may be other changes that are more personal to you. Have you become a better reader or writer? Did you play on a team for the first time? Did you make new friends (or maybe lose an old one)? I know this is a year that you will one day tell your children and grandchildren about. After sending your essay to me, put your copy somewhere safe so you’ll have it for years to come. It’s a primary source in history!

  2. Pick your favorite time of day. Go stand outside and lift your face to the sky. What do you feel? See? Hear? Stay there for at least a minute. Now, think of one thing/person that makes you feel loved, safe, or happy. Tell them.

   3. OK. Here’s the hardest part. Raise your right hand and say:
         I promise to read for 20 minutes EVERY day. I promise to write down my thoughts and keep them somewhere safe. I promise to reread them at the beginning of the next school year. I promise to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay a student (not just when I”m in school; there’s LOTS to learn). If you can, have someone record you saying this and email it to me. 

I hope you know how much I loved being your teacher and how very much I have missed you these past few months. Verdell misses you too. Have a wonderful summer and look for me in the halls next year. I can’t wait to be able to hug you all!

Ms. Butler 

Week of June 1st for P4: